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HUGE impact for his clients

Rarely do you find a professional so clearly committed to their work that they actually love going to work each day. Too many people's jobs are simply a paycheck. This is not the case with Grant because he enjoys going the extra mile by offering a HUGE service to make a HUGE impact for his clients. I know, I have hired Grant for many reasons, his passion, creativity, personality and expertise comes out in the foundation to every client he interacts with. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend Grant.

Deborah Gardner


I have known Grant Holmes for over seven years, and worked with him frequently. My experience with him was exceptional, in that I found him to be thorough, reliable and amazing at his ability to network with virtually everyone with whom he came into contact. His ease of manner, professional grace and ability to assimilate information enabled him to be of tremendous professional assistance to just about everyone. His I.T. and marketing skills were superb, and I couldn’t recommend him more highly…except to say that if you ever want or need a professional entertainer, he can do that as well. Old “Blue-Eyes” had nothing on him.

Don Kirchner

His work is superlative

Grant Holmes is an expert in branding and simplifies concepts into a powerful message….almost instantly! His integrity and expertise, coupled with his intuitive nature rank him among the best. His work is superlative, and I highly recommend him.

Diane Dougherty

Great listener…

Grant is a great listener, he was able to understand how I wanted to present myself and gave me the tools I needed to get my point across. I have had numerous people comment on the results of giving a clear, to the point commercial. Thanks Grant, people now know what I do!!!

Charlene Dombrowski

Grant is more like a partner-

Grant is more like a partner than someone my husband and I have hired to fulfill our marketing needs. He’s available for discussions, very creative and knowledgeable about design, marketing and search engine positioning. He’s helped us attract clients and sell products. He’s the best at what he does and we’re grateful to have him on our team. I would give Grant the highest marks as a creative Project Manager for DJR Corp. He has worked for us for 8 years to design and build our ‘Own the Zone’ brand. This included building a website, marketing our ‘Own the Zone’ CD through newsletters and great SEO on the major search engines which led to ‘Own the Zone’ receiving a 4-star review in GOLF Magazine and a 4-minute appearance on the Golf Channel. Grant has great integrity; he’s always creative, has impeccable taste and is skilled in all facets of building a brand. He would be an asset to any company.

Jennifer Scott

Creatively Impressive!

I have worked with Grant several times, on small marketing projects, for my own businesses. His ability to grasp a business concept quickly and turn it around into a quick and easy marketing statement are incredible. He has helped me to better summarize what I do; the service I provide; and who I can help. His creative side is impressive.

Brian Bowers

Talented and honest professional…

Grant Holmes is one of the most talented and honest professionals that I’ve had a pleasure working with. Being a true visionary, his understanding of customer requirements, combined with his unparalleled wealth of knowledge make him an exceptional employee.

He is a personable consultant that is highly reliable and motivational. He is well-informed, patient and creative in his work and marketing collateral, brand awareness and presentations, reflect his professionalism. While working with Grant, you know that he will get the job done. I would highly recommend Grant Holmes for any consulting role and certainly would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

Mike Schubert
Portage County ESC

Personalized Service

I have always appreciated Grant’s ability to personalize his services. He has maintained my web site for many years and I have really appreciated his attention to detail and the quickness that he has always responded to my requests.

Mark Therrien

Awesome, quick response

Grant, I am just amazed!  I just wanted to write and thank you again for an awesome, quick job on the site- how quickly this happened and how good it works and looks… lets say, my eyes have been opened today… you definitely have my attention.

Joe Russell

Knowledgeable & personable

The only trouble I am having in recommending Grant is narrowing down the seven options (In LinkedIn) to three. He is knowledgeable, personable, does great work, is an expert, handles complicated projects, delivers on-time, has high integrity and is very creative. I recommend him highly. He will be a tremendous asset to any company.

Donn Resnick

Your creative team…

I can’t begin to encompass in a short recommendation the impact Grant Holmes expertise has had on my business. He starts out as your webguy, and turns into your creative team, your business consultant, your shoulder, your muse. Twice I have hired Grant to help me redesign and redefine my web presence. Both times he took my puny ideas and turned them into genius.

My latest branding, has taken on a life of its own. I pictured a couple of goofy cartoons that I’d purchased online. And, left to my own devices, that’s what you would see when you go to my new site ( (2009)) — but instead, he changed my color scheme; found amazing photos; directed ME to go out into the Phoenix countryside and find my OWN cactus photos; and helped me formulate the keywords and key phrases that defined what I was trying to say. Grant isn’t really a webmaster, he’s a webmuse.

If you need a little creative direction, a team member, an IT consultant, and great synergy, give Grant Holmes a call. You’ll be happy you did. For more info on Grant, please feel free to email me. (Beth Terry, CSP Professional Speaker and Author).

Beth Terry

Well thought out business ideas

As a fellow professional speaker and presenter, I appreciate Grant’s ability to inform and entertain an audience regardless of subject matter. In my role as a Franchise Expert, I use much of what I have learned from Grant to better communicate with my clients. I respect Grant’s approach to life, his well thought out business ideas, and his commitment to solid business ethics. I have enjoyed Grant’s company, his books, and his insights. I provide my full endorsement to Grant Holmes.

Fred Kriss

A delight to work with

Grant Holmes was a delight to work with. He was responsive to our requests and committed to his business. I find him open to new ideas and an excellent communicator both in presentations as well as individual conversation.

Robert Johnson

Great supporter of my business

For over 15 years, Grant Holmes has been a great supporter of my business, marketing and my website. Grant has a firm grasp of my business and were able to help me put my ideas into form. The side benefit of working with owner, Grant Holmes is having him help me think through my entire business strategy, not just my web design. I highly recommend Grant and his company

Beth Terry

Great personal service

Grant Holmes & Recalibrand took my site to a whole new level, I was in need of of a newer look and a way to edit form the back-end of the site and they did just that for me.

My requests for the new platform were met with ease and everything was explained in detail to me along the way. I also appreciate their ideas and suggestions to improve the site in ways I didn’t think of, for example, my song listings by artist and title made searching my database a cinch. My links being able to be re-catergorized and edited on call. And, finally, my testimonies page, being able to review and post with the push of a button has made that process much easier!

I recommend Recalibrand to all, their ability to take a request for improvement, has made my site come along way and helped it work better for me!

Joe Russell

Professional, on-task & prompt

As attorney for the Portage County Educational Service Center, I’ve worked with Grant on many occasions specifically on public relations challenges. Grant assisted in formulating responses, wrote high quality press releases and utilized his established media contacts in getting our message in print. Further, Grant has assisted the Superintendent, Executive Director and myself in writing other releases, helped apply policy to our social media pages and communicates our message well through the corporate newsletter. Grant is professional, on-task, prompt in the face of multiple projects and effective.

Maria Markakis

Effective no matter the project

Grant’s vast knowledge of people and communication makes him very effective no matter the project for which a person might require his assistance. Grant is talented in face to face, written, and electronic communication making him an all around asset to any company or individual.

Sarah Whipkey
Inside Out

Task and detail oriented

I’ve worked with Grant on quite a few technical projects over the last 6 years. He’s a fun person to work with, but doesn’t lose focus on the project. He’s task and detail oriented – always trying to make it as easy as possible for the end user. He’s good with his tech and knows when to step back and let the experts run with it. I look forward to many more years of working with Grant.

David Vondraceck

Grant’s empowering approach…

Grant’s empowering approach to brand and marketing was instrumental in helping me develop a clear concept of my “why”. He talked me through the steps of self-discovery with his uniquely creative methods, and guided my thought process into developing a more powerful ownership of my brand and business. I would recommend every entrepreneur, new and experienced alike, utilize Grant’s business skill and consultation.

Michele Randolph

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