I can’t begin to encompass in a short recommendation the impact Grant Holmes expertise has had on my business. He starts out as your webguy, and turns into your creative team, your business consultant, your shoulder, your muse. Twice I have hired Grant to help me redesign and redefine my web presence. Both times he took my puny ideas and turned them into genius.

My latest branding, has taken on a life of its own. I pictured a couple of goofy cartoons that I’d purchased online. And, left to my own devices, that’s what you would see when you go to my new site (BethTerry.com (2009)) — but instead, he changed my color scheme; found amazing photos; directed ME to go out into the Phoenix countryside and find my OWN cactus photos; and helped me formulate the keywords and key phrases that defined what I was trying to say. Grant isn’t really a webmaster, he’s a webmuse.

If you need a little creative direction, a team member, an IT consultant, and great synergy, give Grant Holmes a call. You’ll be happy you did. For more info on Grant, please feel free to email me. (Beth Terry, CSP Professional Speaker and Author).