Starting a new business can be a daunting task. Which of the 1257 important things do you have to do? What to do first? And what if you do things out of order? And what if…

Along the way, I’ve started many businesses. More though, I’ve helped many others start and build businesses also. From roles such as owner, mentor or friend, to volunteering for non-profit organizations such as SCORE and The Advancement Foundation, to hired gun, I’ve worked in many capacities for many companies in fields as diverse as you can imagine.

One constant is not having to think of everything in a perfect order all at once- immediately. Over the years in the roles mentioned above I’ve helped nearly one hundred companies start. It may have been as simple as a ten minute conversation, or as complex as being a founder and pitching for venture capital.

Do I have all the answers? Likely no. But one powerful thing I posses is a very broad and very deep contact list of folks that do know those answers. My strength is knowing what I know, but more importantly, knowing when to hand off to folks that have the expertise to help make your decisions simpler.

If you have a business idea, there are many helpful organizations such as above and others in your locale. And I’d like to help you. Contact me so we can discuss how I may help you move forward!