For Professional Speakers, subject matter experts, and content providers of any kind…

You need to be noticed. Like all businesses, it’s really that simple! And when potential clients do find you, they need to understand you- quickly!

For over 20 years I’ve worked with professional speakers to get them noticed, understood, and hired. One reason I was successful… I have worked in the business as a professional speaker, marketing expert, singing artist, content creator, and oh yes- web designer.

I love working with speakers because you are idea people. You are creative with great energy! I understand you and where you likely want to go. But let’s talk and be sure, so I can guide and assist in your journey.

You have a treasure-trove of content. But are you leveraging that content? Do you love jumping from airplane to airplane (what city am I in today?)? If not, let’s talk about how you can take all that great information you have at your finger-tips and turn it into passive income. Blogs, pod-casts, e-books and more can be used beside your current web presence to promote you and your content.

Contact me today about the next step you can take as a professional speaker, or expert in a field. It’s time the world heard your name!