Getting Started with ReCaliBrand

How do you get started with ReCaliBrand? Here’s a couple easy ways…

  • Call us! 330-327-5208 We’re on Eastern Time.
  • Use this link to jump to the contact page. Fill out the contact form and we’ll respond promptly!

New Client Questionnaire

We would love to help you save some time and money. Since 1999, founder Grant Holmes has spent countless hours assisting business owners in starting the process of branding, re-branding, and/or getting their marketing “right”. He realized that many questions might be better answered by the owner if they had time to go over them on their own time. Thus the ReCaliBrand New Client Questionnaire was born. It’s now in the 6th iteration or so, as we constantly adjust through feedback.

Whether or not you choose to move forward with ReCaliBrand or another company, feel free to use the tool to help you! So, anytime you’re ready, you can begin with our questionnaire. There are several pages and only a few “required” fields, so feel free to get started as you wish! And if you’re not a questionnaire kinda person and you’d rather work with Grant to develop this phase, we can do that too.

Small Businesses

Find a home with us! We are one too and know what it’s like to face the world ‘alone’

From sauce makers and cabinet hardware sellers to independent radio stations to painters, manufacturers, hospitality, tourism and more, we’ve helped our clients achieve a professional presence in marketing and been responsible to their budgets. A big, multinational company with millions to spend on ONE product, can make a $30,000 mistake, and it’s a blip on their radar. “Gosh, darn. We’ll get ’em next month!” But our clients have critical budgets and need to invest in ideas that work!

If you’d like someone at your side that thinks like you do, call us; 330-327-5208