Video is the calling card of the day. Every businesses can benefit from a “better” business card, especially when on-line!

Explainer Videos: If your customer needs to see your something work, operate, or get unboxed (your product, a mechanism, your website, mobile app, assembly process), think “explainer video”. From planning, story-boarding (as needed), to footage that visually shows the workings, we add sound, music and voice-over to ensure your customer knows why yours is the best and why they should buy it!

Demonstration Video: In some cases, YOU may need demonstrated. In this case we often work with professional speakers, trainers, and teachers to let prospects know what they’re getting when hired. More importantly, it provides you a showcase for your talent. Any of us can tell someone all day how good, cool, impactful, fun, inspiring we are, but when you show prospects video of you IN action, they can see you (the product) in action. We can capture all the adjectives your potential customers are looking for. If you have recorded sessions from previous gigs, we will work together to find those moment and create powerful video that will sell.

Voice Over (voice under/voice acting, etc): The power of the voice and the emotion that can be gained is as ubiquitous as every single commercial you’ve ever heard (seen). From characters, accents, localizations and more, we will find the right voice to imprint that emotion. While we often use Grant’s Voice as a source, we have hundreds of artists at our fingertips.

Intro/Outro (and more): Do you need introduced for your podcast, YouTube/Vimeo/etc. video channel? Let us create a BRANDed presence your audience will come to know as yours and yours alone!

Is that it? Oh gosh no! If it involves digital media, contact us and lets see how what you want fits in with our capabilities!