Brand Identity

ReCaliBrand is ready to help you with Brand (Identity) development. Developing your brand (Who you are, what your product ‘is’, and the perception of your organization in the market place.) can mean the difference between success and failure, profit and loss. If the marketplace cannot understand what your organization is, or what it’s about, what you do/sell, or how you do business in a clear concise way, you chances for success are limited.

While many think that a logo and their brand are the same thing, they are not. Each serves the other. For more information on “branding” and/or brand development, call us!

Brand Positioning

What is that? A brand’s position, in simple terms, is how it presents itself to the marketplace. Here’s some helpful ideas: Cheapest, #1 in sales, best service, available tomorrow, etc. How does your brand compete in world of so many choices? You can’t be all of those. You most likely can only be one, possibly two, but in the mind of the market, where do you stand? And if you don’t know, it’s time to call us at 330-327-5208.