ReCaliBrand…When you need to re-think, re-position & re-focus your small business

ReCaliBrand specializes in connecting small businesses with opportunity and people with products.

Opportunity: For small businesses, profitability is key. Are you doing the right things with your business? Do you have a business plan? Strategy? Is your  image and brand development/creation and management up to date to draw the right customers?

People with products: We assist you in finding your “marketing voice” and plan for how that fits into the marketplace. Your “brand” (image) is not just pretty logos and business cards. We work on what is often called “brand voice” and/or “positioning”.

Where marketing is concerned, we absolutely love to see the “whole package”. Many organizations get most of it right. Unfortunately, some organizations are really unaware of how important their brand is. We are here to assist you in ensuring your entire marketing message (“brand voice”) is being presented to the world. Our clear distinction is being able to focus in laser tight on defining your message and helping you present it to the world. Please look around. We’ve got a lot of information explaining what we do. However, we’d much rather talk to you. Call us at 330-327-5208, or you may feel free to just use our contact page, let’s talk about your “position”. From seminars to workshops to production of all the parts, ReCaliBrand is here for you.

What we do

ReCaliBrand is a small business serving small businesses that are challenged with flat sales, unfocused marketing, ineffective branding, poor planning, and lack of strategic design thinking. You may feel you’re stalled, or stuck. Does your business need “un-stalled”, or “un-stuck”?

Most organizations operate to make a profit, or in the case of not-for-profits, generate operating capital. Many small businesses do not “know” marketing or operations inside and out, and many  operate without a clear plan on how to get unstuck. That is where we come in. Based on testimony from our clients, we feel safe in saying that we help organizations with clearly a designed plan and perfect their marketing position(s).

We feel that our customers are partners because we endeavor to be an integral part of their organization. We get to know our clients and work with them closely to make sure we understand their mission, their values, and their goals. We appreciate the specific needs of each small business and suggest only those solutions that make sense to that organization.

As the process of developing (and managing) your business evolves, ReCaliBrand can assist in making sure your message is delivered through web presence and ecommerce, creation of collateral marketing materials, as well as presentation training, and communication training. In essence, we help in every way- your efforts to market your brand to your world!

We ask questions, a lot of questions. We also do something rare… we listen. That’s one way we get to know our partners better. And because we listen to their needs, we know that our work is always in alignment with our partners mission, values and goals.

Please take a moment and look around our site. If your organization is challenged by a different marketing initiative sprouting up every minute, stalled operations, lack of overall focus, or you’ve looked at your marketing, and it looks like each of the seven dwarfs designed a different piece, give Grant a call at 330-327-5208, we’d love to chat.

 Our Philosophy…how we do business

At ReCaliBrand, we try and keep things simple.

We value honesty, simplicity, professionalism and accountability.

Our mission is to serve your small business needs as a partner, making your organization more successful through effective planning, brand positioning and effective marketing of your brand. We know that making our partners successful first, serves our success and growth, and theirs.